Our Story

We believe in hard work as it brings about results and achievements.

We believe in nature and harnessing it for a good purpose.

Dozoff is created with heart, and we believe hard work naturally causes amazing results. While committed to creating healthy functional drinks, we use natural ingredients to support one of your natural daily activities, SLEEP. It is sleeps that keep us moving the next day to achieve more. We work hard for a purpose, we sleep for the same.

How was it started

Our founders, being passionate about entrepreneurship, physical health, and societal supports, came across a common problem at night. This difficulty sleeping stole many of their productive days. They decided to solve this problem for many others with the same experience. Our goal is to restore the good sleep that hardworking people deserve, with an effective and natural ready-to-drink beverage with key functions.

The fundamental of good sleep is to keep us energetic to carry our aspiration. You ain’t stopping when you sleep, you are just recharging for more!

We support your sleep. You deserve good sleep for a better tomorrow.